Business Policy

  • “One Customer, One Country”

    Please be informed that we always do consider our customer's success in their market.
    must be also our success because we are exclusively supporting only one customer in one country based on our strict business policy. - "One customer, One country" during the last 27 years since our company has been established at 1991.

  • “Quality In Advance”

    We always consider “Quality In Advance” for all of our production range as one of our top priority of business policy during the last almost 3 decades, and we are always proud to provide the best quality products in the world market places.

  • “Environmental-Friendly Products”

    PKC’s Thermal BOPP Lamination Films are basically engineered to provide a safer environment and running perfectly over the years and we never ever apply anything harmful or hazardous from the raw materials. We can say all of our production ranges are 100% safe for human-being and eco-friendly from the raw materials.

[ Strong points of Business ]

- Vast inventory
- Professional delivery service
- Specialized in extrusion, coating and converting
- Wide business network with business partners at all seven continents
  for Quick delivery and Immediate service within same business day

[ Characteristic of PKC Thermal BOPP Lamination Films ]

- Environmental Friendly – 100% free from A/C(Anchor Coating) chemical materials
- No use A/C materials – eliminating the risk of fire and odor
- Applicable to any size of width(150mm – 2,600mm)
- Superior Tensile strength & Chemical resistance
- Low melting temperature & Low level pressure
- Excellent Transparency(Gloss) & Clarity(Haze)
- Strong bond(adhesive) strength
- High durability and softness
- Lay flat and no curl effect